HCG Medical Weight Loss for Men in Atlanta Georgia

Offering supervised medical weight loss programs to help men lose weight effectively

Atlanta GA HCG Medical Weight Loss for MenIf you struggle to manage your weight, you have probably tried several different diet plans in Atlanta Georgia. Unfortunately, none of them brought you the long-term weight loss success that they promised. That is because the majority of diets out there set you up for failure from the start. You may lose pounds and inches for a few months, but then the hunger kicks in and you have a hard time resisting the urge to eat. After you have burned through your fat reserves, your body automatically converts muscles into energy. This leaves you feeling tired, weak, and hungry. The HCG diet plan offers a better solution.

How Does the HCG Diet for Men Work?

HCG is a natural hormone produced in mass quantities by women when they are pregnant. Men and non-pregnant women also possess HCG in much smaller amounts in their bodies. When you receive additional HCG through an injection, cream, or another method, it helps your drop weight several times faster than any other diet in Fulton County. Most men receive HCG daily for either 23 or 40 days. This is the active phase of the HCG diet program. You must also commit to sticking to the calorie guidelines your doctor in the Atlanta metropolitan region gives you. This can be as low as 500 calories, but may be higher depending on your health history and your body’s unique needs.

Unprecedented Weight Loss Results

Although consuming such a low calorie diet for three to six weeks might sound impossible, it’s completely doable with this medically supervised diet plan. The HCG helps to speed your metabolism and keeps you feeling satiated by converting stored body fat into energy while preserving muscle mass. Also, both the initial weight loss and the maintenance phase tend to be easier for men. That is because men’s bodies are comprised of approximately 15 percent fat, while women’s bodies contain around 25 percent fat. You can also consume more calories without them turning into unwanted fat on your body.

The average daily weight loss for all people on the HCG diet in the city of Atlanta is half a pound to three pounds. Most dieters fall somewhere in the middle, with men having higher daily weight loss averages. If you are morbidly obese, meaning that you are 100 pounds or more over your ideal body weight, you can potentially reach a normal weight on the 40-day program. You also have the option of repeating the first phase if you desire to lose additional weight. Once that portion of the program is complete, you immediately move on to three weeks of maintenance with a higher caloric intake.

Working Out While on the HCG Diet

If you’re already involved in a regular exercise routine, speak to your HCG doctor in the Atlanta metro region about whether you should continue. For some men on the HCG diet, a strenuous daily workout causes water retention, which leads to weight gain, and the need to consume additional calories for energy. If neither is an issue for you, continuing your exercise program at a lower intensity may be possible.

Muscles and Toning

While completing the HCG diet for men, you can expect to lose excess body fat in your midsection, upper arms, and other areas where it’s often difficult to lose inches. This may lead to sagging skin, but you shouldn’t worry too much about this problem. Once you’ve finished the active and maintenance phases of the HCG diet in Atlanta, you can start concentrating on toning exercises and building up your muscular strength.

Why Wait?

Don’t put your health off any longer, if you need to lose weight and get back in shape, act now and contact a local Atlanta Georgia HCG Diet Doctor to learn more about the amazing benefits of the HCG Diet for men.