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New Image Medical Aesthetics and Wellness

Gregory Zengo, M.D. serves as the Medical Director at New Image Medical Aesthetics and Wellness in Athens Georgia. Dr. Zengo has focused his expertise on offering the very best advancements in medical aesthetic and hormone optimization treatments including the HCG Diet. Gregory Zengo, M.D. offers a blend of wellness medicine and aesthetic services to help his patients look and feel great at any age. His vast experience working with both men and women have prepared to him not only offer these advanced services to his patients, but to train surrounding Athens Georgia area physicians in the proper application as well.

Additional Services Offered by Gregory Zengo, M.D.

  • The HCG Diet
  • Hormone balancing
  • Medical Weight Loss programs
  • Vein treatments
  • Botox
  • PRP therapies
  • Medical aesthetic services

Patient Testimonial

Thank you Dr. Zengo for the NiLean Diet plan! It works!! I have lost 49 lbs on the Nilean Diet! I lost 42 lbs. in 2 months using the NiLean diet drops and NiLean diet food plan, and then lost another 7 lbs during the phase out month and maintenance phase (1 month). Making it a total 49 lbs. lost in 4 months. I even went through the phase out/maintenance phase during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Holidays with very little impact on weight gain/loss. I am very satisfied with the results. _It did burn fat, NOT muscle, and I dropped 3 clothes sizes. It seemed like the fat just melted off of me. I feel better, and I have more energy.

My Husband, family, colleagues, and friends are very proud and have complimented me on my success. I had my doubts initially, having attempted/failed 2 other diets in the past, but this diet has “retrained my brain” just like Dr. Zengo said it would. My addictions to fats and carbohydrates are GONE! It was an intense diet plan, yet simple to follow. Dr. Zengo and his office staff members were very helpful whenever I had questions or needed a pep-talk during the NiLean diet too. When my weight loss plateaus for 1 month I am going back on the NiLean Diet for 1 month to lose another 20 lbs. But I haven’t hit a plateau yet…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Zengo, and staff.

MarLee C. Colquitt, Elberton, GA